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U.S. 231 Huntsville, AL 35802
A Beautiful Tree by Jackson, Inc. Expert Tree Services

Serving Huntsville Alabama
Expert Tree Services serving Huntsville Alabama
A Beautiful Tree by Jackson, Inc. originated in 1979 as Jackson's Tree and Yard Service., owned and operated by Ralph J. Jackson. By 1985, the tree service was going strong, the lawn service was discontinued, and we became Jackson's Tree Care. In 2001, Mr. Jackson incorporated his company into what is now known as A Beautiful Tree by Jackson, Inc. Whatever the name, our company has always been a leader in the tree service industry.

As verified on September, 2011 by the State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and the City of Huntsville, there are only THREE fully licensed Tree Services in the City of Huntsville authorized to prune, trim, cable, scope, etc.   A Beautiful Tree by Jackson, Inc. is proud to be one of those three companies. We are fully licensed and insured in the State of Alabama, the City of Huntsville, and the City of Madison. Copies of these documents can be provided to you at your request.

A Beautiful Tree by Jackson, Inc. takes pride in all that we do. We operate with professional, knowledgeable, and courteous crews that are dedicated to completing all jobs to the best of their ability and always to your satisfaction. We take the extra time to ensure the safety of our crew and your home.

We perform routine maintenance on all our vehicles and equipment to ensure that we can complete your job in an efficient and timely manner. We require health certifications on all of our crew members. All of our vehicles are inspected annually by the Alabama Department of Transportation and pass all inspections.

We sanitize our equipment between jobs to ensure that there is no cross contamination of diseases among the trees. This procedure is very important to protect your healthy trees from the diseases of other trees.

As required by the City of Huntsville Ordinance, we remove all debris that we create. We will rake the area we disturbed and blow off your sidewalks and driveways.

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Want to know what type of work is best to be done on your trees during different times of the year? Check out the Alabama Gardener's Calander from the Alabama Cooperative Extenstion website

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A Beautiful Tree by Jackson, Inc., Tree Service, Laceys Spring, AL

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